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Graceful Finance. Helping You Age Gracefully.

The Home OfAging In Place.

Stories: the good, the hard and

the hope.


We would like to share real stories from people who

tapped into their home equity, or are considering it. 

the good


"My house keeps going up. I am ahead of the game. I would like to take advantage of that. I can do home repairs, fix few things."

the hard


"Many of my friends lost their homes due to death. Times like that can be very scary if you lose your spouse. I have nobody."

the hope

Surfing Together

"I really want to visit Scandinavia. I want to travel. Go to Europe. See what other people see."

We listened to you, and provided more options for you to monetize your home wealth, whether you are:


for life oriented

Graceful Line


for legacy oriented

Legacy Line

Alternative ways to get equity out of your home

Here to help you find a program that works for you. When you need it, how you need it. 

01  Graceful Line 
02  Legacy Line

03  HELOC Alternatives

04  Home Equity Investments

05  Home Equity Agreements

06  Sale-leaseback

07  Home Equity Loans

08 More coming soon

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Find what's right for you. 

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