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The Home Of Aging In Place. 

Home pension, by Graceful.
Use your home to significantly increase your retirement income.
While living in it worry-free for the rest of your life.


Lifestyle Agreement

Sell your home now and live in it for the rest of your life whilst receiving a steady income stream for a guaranteed period of time.

Live a fuller life


Sell up to 49% of your home’s value.  Receive the right sized amount for you. Pass on a portion of your home equity to your heirs.

Leave a legacy

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Aging in Place Bundle

All inclusive service to age in place.

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for Security. 

Lifestyle Agreement for a maximum lifestyle, and Legacy Agreement for those who care about leaving home behind.  

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Home Modifications
for Safety. 

“A home safety check” at your fingertips. We help you to develop and complete needed modifications. 

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Home Improvements
for Comfort. 

A nationwide hub for curated service providers: from regular home health check ups to full property renovation

The good, the hard and

the hope.


We would like to share real stories from people who

tapped into their home equity, or are considering it. 

the good


"My house keeps going up. I am ahead of the game. I would like to take advantage of that. I can do home repairs, fix few things."

the hard


"Many of my friends lost their homes due to death. Times like that can be very scary if you lose your spouse. I have nobody."

the hope

Surfing Together

"I really want to visit Scandinavia. I want to travel. Go to Europe. See what other people see."

Our Story

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Stay ahead of the game

We will do our best to make your journey joyful, secure, comfortable and worry free. Leave your e-mail below.

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